PRIVACY STATEMENT OF Altitude Capital Group

At Altitude Capital Group (“The Firm”), we prioritize the confidentiality of client information, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to safeguarding personal details. This privacy notice applies to both current and former clients.
We collect necessary personal information from various sources to provide financial products or services, including:
• Information provided by you on subscription applications, forms, or other materials, encompassing your name, address, telephone number, social security number, occupation, assets, and income.
• Details about your transactions, account balances, payment history, and account activity obtained from transactions with us or non-affiliated third parties.
• Information received from consumer-reporting agencies, such as credit bureau reports, to assess creditworthiness.

The Firm will only disclose information about you under specific circumstances, as permitted by law: 
• When required by law, cooperating with regulators or law enforcement authorities, or reporting to consumer reporting agencies in good faith. 
• Disclosures to affiliates to provide additional services, with affiliates obligated to protect the confidentiality and security of the information.
• Sharing information with service providers assisting in application processing or account servicing, subject to confidentiality and security safeguards.

Access to your personal accounts and information is restricted to employees requiring it to deliver products or services. We maintain industry-standard physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your nonpublic personal information.

For inquiries or to opt out of any provisions, contact our compliance department at:


Important Information About Opening a New Account/Private Placement Subscription:
To comply with federal law addressing terrorism funding and money laundering, financial institutions, including Altitude Capital Group, are mandated to obtain, verify, and record information about individuals opening accounts.

Your firm’s Customer Identification Program requires specific information:
• Your name
• Date of birth
• Address
• Identification number:
• US Citizen: taxpayer identification number (social security number or employer identification number)
• Non-U.S. Citizen: taxpayer identification number, passport number, country of issuance, alien identification card number, or government-issued identification displaying nationality, residence, and a photograph.
• You may need to provide a driver’s license or other identifying documents.
• Legal entities may need to supply additional information.

Failure to provide requested information or inability to verify identity may prevent account opening or transaction execution.
Your cooperation supports efforts to combat terrorism and money laundering, ensuring the integrity of America’s financial system.
For questions, contact the Firm or your Registered Representatives.

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