SEC Rule 606

Pursuant to SEC Rule 606, Altitude Capital Group (ACG) is required to disclose information about its order routing practices. ACG engages in transactions executed and settled through its clearing firm, RBC Correspondent Services (RBC CS), a division of RBC Capital Markets Corp., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Additionally, transactions may be routed through third-party broker-dealers.

Routing decisions for customer orders executed through RBC CS are made independently by RBC CS, irrespective of ACG’s identity as the introducing broker-dealer. ACG, in reliance on RBC CS’s expertise, believes that RBC CS is best positioned to compile a quarterly report that accurately reflects the routing practices of the clearing firm on behalf of ACG.

For further details regarding order routing practices or to access the quarterly report, as required by SEC Rule 606, please contact our compliance department. This information is provided to ensure transparency and compliance with regulatory obligations. Investors are encouraged to review this disclosure and seek additional information if needed before making any investment decisions.

Please review Payment for Order Flow and Routing of Customer Order Disclosure Statement: Here

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